How To Set Up And Adjust The Viparspectra Dimmable PAR LED Lights?

Anybody who has or wants to grow cannabis at home has probably heard of LED Grow lights. LEDs were not popular in the market when they were released, but thanks to HID lights performing inefficiently while drawing lots of power, LEDs became more acceptable. Since then, the Grow light industry has rapidly changed and LEDs have adapted more, placing them ahead of their competition. Among the hundreds if not thousands of LEDs you can find today, the most popular, maybe the best led grow lights, is the Viparspectra Grow Light.

Viparspectra is based out of China and operated by a Chinese company named Shenzhen Bailuo Technology. The company sells the lights directly rather than relying on retailers. They have many models of LED lights including the Timer control and Reflector series, but the one that has garnered maximum attention is the Dimmable PAR series.

LED Quality

Viparspectra primarily uses a perfect combination of both Epileds and Bridgelux LEDs that are most renowned for their quality. An LED Grow light depends on the quality of the LED chips used to operate for long periods of time. As you know, cannabis plants need at least 18 hours of light for photoperiod plants, and you need lights that don’t burn when used continuously.

Also, you need lights that give out a higher light output than producing heat. You don’t want heat issues in your grow room because your plants can burn. But since Viparspectra lights are equipped with heat sinks and fans running continuously to keep the temperature optimal, you don’t have to worry much about battling against heat.

Most LED companies sell lights that require the grower to switch the plants manually from the vegetative to the flowering stage, but since Viparspectra is available with a full spectrum of lights that fulfills all the requirements of the plants, you don’t need to intervene at all. Also, Viparspectra LEDs use 5w chips instead of the regular 3w chips used by most manufacturers.

Power consumption

Growers usually switch to LEDs from HIDS mostly to save power, so the amount of power consumed by a Grow Light is very important. While a Viparspectra PAR450 can replace a 400w HID light, it consumes only 210w! Most LEDs consume little power, so what makes the Dimmable series so special? Well, not only do you save power because the actual wattage is so low, but you can also control the special output to save more power.

Basically, the Dimmable series comes with 3 dimmers including red, blue and white and since you can adjust the lights according to the stage of the plant, you inevitably save more power. For instance, cannabis plants don’t need a light during the vegetative stage, but it definitely needs a lot of light during the flowering stage. The Dimmable PAR series gives you the option to save more power and also adjust the spectral output efficiently. By using only the white and blue lights for all the plants in the vegetative stage, you can let the plants enjoy the red lights during the flowering stage.


We see many LED manufacturers giving a lot of importance to power consumption and LED quality, but how many manufacturers talk about PAR? With Viparspectra, you not only get a full spectrum, but you also get the highest PAR/LUMEN output, making it one of the most powerful lights in the LED industry today. The spectral output and PAR determines the quality of an LED and as Viparspectra scores high in his department, you can rest assured that your lights will produce some of the best cannabis buds you’ve ever grown.

There are many LEDs on the market today, but the trick lies in choosing the best Grow light that offers a full spectrum while saving power at the same time. Viparspectra offers all this and much more!

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