What Type Of Mattress Side Sleeper Need?

Are you a side sleeper? If you yes, you know sleeping comfortable on your side is not easy. Perhaps you have tried over tens of mattress brands but still you have not found the right mattes for your condition.

It is not yet time to give up as you have finally bounced on the right article. Here you will read about the key factors you need to consider while buying yourself a good mattress.

Therefore, by the end of this post you will be informed. Besides this, you will be set to make the right choice. The right mattress for you must have the following features:

  • Ample support

Side sleepers need good support to keep their spine properly aligned. Good mattress support helps the spine to lengthen and align while keeping the body in its neutral position. When the body rest in its right posture, it reduces the risk of back and neck pains, which are common for side sleepers.

A very soft mattress is not ideal for side sleepers because the body will sink deeper and pulls the spine out of alignment causing back pains. Try murphy beds to see if it helps you feel less pain.

  • Soft and Contouring to the body

A side sleeper needs require a mattress that is soft so that it can conform well to the body. The heavier parts like the hips and shoulders need to sink a little into the mattress to keep the spine aligned.

Such a mattress also prevents pelvic rotation doing the night this keeps the hips and shoulders in their natural position. This conformity allow for good circulation. It also relieve pressure around the hips and shoulders as they sticks out when you’re sleeping on your side.

This relaxation helps you in getting a getting a good night sleep. Memory foam mattresses have superior contour ability and they are considered the best mattress for side sleepers.

  • Correct firmness and thickness

The ideal thickness and firmness depends more on the body weight. What is important when choosing a mattress for side sleepers is to ensure the mattress can help in relieving pressure points.

If you are on the heavy side then you will need a medium-firm and thick mattress. However, a light sleeper may be uncomfortable with a mattress whose firmness is too high.

This is because a firm mattress does not contour well to the body curves and will keep the body lying above the bed with uneven support.

Consequently, a very soft mattress makes the body to curve unnaturally misaligning the spine. This leads to uncomfortable aches and pains.

  • Breathable and sleeps cool

A side sleeper also need a mattress that stays cool throughout the night. A cool sleep surface sends a powerful signal to the brain and soothes the body to wind down the days stresses. In addition to this, a cool surface reduces tossing and turning while you sleep.

Bottom line

Sleeping on the side has its own benefits but these benefits cannot be achieved without the right mattress. In summary, a side sleeper need a mattress that can keep the spine aligned in a straight line.

To achieve this, the mattress should be able to soft and contouring, offer ample support, correct firmness and thickness and able to sleep cool.

In the final word, a memory foam mattress is considered the best for side sleepers because it provides ample support and has the highest contouring ability.

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